List your Directory Tables

List all the Directory Tables and their locations you have connectivity into in order to receive calls from the network.


Endpoint: /api/numbers/directory-tables
Method: GET
Headers: Accept: application/vnd.cloudlx.v1+json
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>


        "Id": 14,
        "Name": "MyTelecom 1 | 5",
        "Location": "London"
    }, {
        "Id": 15,
        "Name": "MyTelecom 1 | 1",
        "Location": "New York City"
Id Description The Infiny ID for the Directory Table. This is used in other API calls in order to reference the Directory Table.
Type Integer
Example 14
Name Description The Epsilon given name for your Directory Table on their network. This is for reference only.
Type String
Example MyTelecom 1 | 5
Location Description The geographic location name of the Directory Table.
Type String
Example London SBC

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