Service renewal

Update an existing service renewal configuration.


Endpoint: /api/services/<service_id>/service/renew
Method: PUT
Headers: Accept: application/vnd.cloudlx.v1+json
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Example Request:

        "terminate": false,
        "renewal_product_id": 16545
terminate Description Whether auto renewal is currently enabled on the service
Type Boolean
Example true
renewal_product_id Description The ID of the service product to renew at the service's renewal
Type Integer
Example 1562


        "success": true,
        "message": "Service renewal updated successfully",
        "messages": [
            "Service renewal updated successfully",
            "Service auto-renew status updated successfully"
success Description Boolean indicated for the successful completion of the request.
Type Boolean
Example true
message Description General message for the request
Type String
Example "Service renewal updated successfully"
messages Description Detail message for each part of the request
Type Array(String)
Example [ "Service renewal updated successfully", "Service auto-renew status updated successfully"]

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