Country list

Request which countries numbers are available in.


Endpoint: /api/countries
Method: GET
Headers: Accept: application/vnd.cloudlx.v1+json
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Optional GET request parameters

search Description The number must contain these digits
Type Integer
Example 123
max_per_page Description Limit the number of results returned (max 200)
Type Integer
Example 50
page Description The page number, if the number of results exceeds max_per_page
Type Integer
Example 2



        "countries": [
                "id": 14,
                "code": "44",
                "iso": "UK",
                "name": "United Kingdom",
                "available_numbers": 31440
                "id": 6,
                "code": "1",
                "iso": "US",
                "name": "United States",
                "available_numbers": 234860
        "num_results": 2,
        "paginates": false
id Description The id of the country
Type Intger
Example 14
code Description The country dialling code
Type String
Example 44
iso Description The ISO code for the country
Type String
Example UK
name Description The name of the country (used in requests)
Type String
Example UK
available_numbers Description The quantity of numbers available in the country
Type String
Example 31440
name Description Whether or not the number of results exceeds the maximum number of results specified
Type Boolean
Example false

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