Add a Number Address

Creates a new Number Address on your account.


Endpoint: /api/number-addresses/new
Example: /api/number-addresses/new
Method: POST
Headers: Accept: application/vnd.cloudlx.v1+json
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

JSON Request

    "name": "Epsilon UK Office",
    "address_line_1": "Third Floor Telephone House",
    "address_line_2": "69 Paul Street",
    "address_city": "London",
    "address_region": "London",
    "address_postal_code": "EC2A 4NW",
    "address_country": "GB",
    "use_for_emergency_address": true,

JSON Parameters

name Description A friendly name for the address.
Type String
Example Epsilon UK Office
address_line_1 Description First line of the address.
Type String
Example Third Floor Telephone House
address_city Description The city of the address.
Type String
Example London
address_region Description The region of the address or the state.
Type String
Example London
address_postal_code Description The postal code of the address.
Type String
Example EC2A 4NW
address_country Description The ISO-2 code for the country of the address.
Type String
Example GB

Optional JSON Parameters

address_line_2 Description Second line of the address. This field is optional.
Type String
Example 69 Paul Street
Default value null
use_for_emergency_address* Description Whether to use this address as a Emergency Service registration Address.
Type Boolean
Example true
Default value false

* At least one use_for_* parameter should be sent as true when creating a Number Address. More use_for_* parameters will be added to the API at a later date.



    "id": 2,
    "message": "Address added successfully."
id Description The identifier of the number address.
Type Integer
Example 2
message Description A message describing the result
Type String
Example Address added successfully.

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