Webhook Behaviour in Infiny

Webhooks provide a way for the API to push updates to your systems rather than relying on your application pulling them from this system. This enables your system to react in real time to events happening within the platform.

Infiny passes Webhooks to your application as a JSON payload via a HTTP request. You can configure as many different Webhook URLs as you require for your systems; for instance a primary and a backup instance of your application.

To configure a Webhook from within the Infiny platform, please see our user guide.

Once an event is triggered that will cause a Webhook to fire, a job is dispatched to initiate the HTTP request. The requests are fired asynchronously and no guarantee is made of their chronologicity.

The JSON payload will arrive in the body of a HTTP POST request to your Webhook URL.


       "port_name":"Webhook Test Port",
       "timestamp":"2016-08-05 09:50:38"

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